The real collaboration begins

Thanks to everyone who participated in the paper mache Giveaway last week. We have a happy winner and the figure has been sent to her which she should receive within a few days.

Mumbreeze collabo drawing 6/01/09

While Kao was here in Portland, we begun doing these collaborative pencil drawings. The way we did it was we would each start a drawing on a piece of paper, then whenever one of us felt like it, we switched these 2 pieces of paper and then continued drawing with what was already there. We repeated this process until we felt like the drawings were finished.

Mumbreeze collabo drawing 5/28/09

We've never really collaborated on same pieces of art before as we have very different styles to our work. We've done a bunch of shows where we both contributed pieces, but I don't think either of us really had any vision of how we might work together on same pieces of art. We've done some casual doodling, kind of like these drawings, but nothing we took seriously. I think the idea to do these drawings came to me after we visited the APAK guys for a barbecue. We had a great time hanging out and we ended up doing some drawings together. The APAK guys do some pretty amazing collaborative artwork and I think we were a bit envious that they are able to work together like that. I didn't think that we could just instantly start making seamless work like they did, so I thought we should begin with something very basic like paper and pencil.

Mumbreeze collabo drawing 5/30/09

We did 12 drawings (2 per day) altogether while she was here and I'm quite surprised how well they seemed to turn out. The way I draw is bold and perhaps lacking in depth, but Kao is much more skilled and detailed in her drawing, so put together it seems to produce work that neither of us can make alone.

Mumbreeze collabo drawing 5/27/09

We don't really have any immediate plans for these drawings yet, but we might do some coloring by Photoshop and make prints or something. I think we will go further and experiment with different methods as soon as we get a chance.

You can see all the 12 drawings in this slide show below.


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