Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/21/09

Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/21/09

We've been a bit busy this week, so we haven't been able to do these everyday. We have another busy week coming up, so we may not be able to update daily, but we'll do them when we have the time.

The last collage by Kao had six collaged faces, so I made 6 characters with them. (You can click on the picture to see it bigger) The picture above has all six of them, but I thought some of them could be a piece by itself. Here they are below.

Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/21/09

Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/21/09

Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/21/09

Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/21/09

Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/20/09

Heroes again

Heroes again...


Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/04/09

Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/04/09

Today's version brought to you by Mumbleboy, featuring dolls Kao made.


Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/02/09

Mumbreeze Collage Tag 11/02/09

we started a "collage tag" with one of us making a collage and then the other takes it and collage it further the next day. Kao started it yesterday with this one. We will keep doing this daily and see what happens. You can follow the progress daily by checking the blog here.


the "restructuring" of Mumbreeze shop

If you've checked out our Etsy shop recently (since an hour before this writing), you might have noticed the number of items there have drastically been reduced. Down to just three in fact.

Well, we're not closing shop or down-scaling our efforts or anything. I, Kinya aka Mumbleboy will be flying over the Pacific Ocean once again to Japan and as much as I would have liked to take all the items with me, I have too much stuff already (including many bars of chocolate requested by Kao) to take with me and will not be able to take them with me. Sorry to give no notice of it if you happened to have been eye-ing some pieces there. I will be making new work as soon as I'm over there and also reviving some old pieces as well, so little by little the number of items should increase just in time for the holidays. We can definitely make custom work if you so wish, so please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have an idea for something we might be able to make.

Thanks for reading and as Mumbreeze are once again united, hopefully we'll have lots more to share with you soon.


P.I.Y by Emi Kazama

P.I.Y. @ emi

P.I.Y. @ emi

P.I.Y. @ emi

This P.I.Y. is by Emi Kazama.
Emi does illustration and graphi design and is one half of Ameiko with Kao.
Emi's P.I.Y. figure has a very different approach with colorful dots and a golden glitter, but if you look closely, it has a mischievous looking face on one side.

Emi also did the graphic design of the goods at the Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale.

emi kazama

ameiko blog


P.I.Y. by mejunje

P.I.Y. @ mejunje

P.I.Y. @ mejunje

P.I.Y. @ mejunje

P.I.Y. @ mejunje

Here are pictures of P.I.Y. paper mache animals painted by Mejunje.
Mejunje are our friends from Buenos Aires, Julian and Mercedes.
They painted these this past Spring during their stay in Tokyo.
They have a wild style that's quite a contrast to ours and that is exactly why we like having them painted by other artists.

F.I.Y., the yellowish one is by Julian and the pink head is by Mercedes.

mejunje blog


P.I.Y. by Sammy

photo by Sammy

As you saw in the last post, we have this thing called the P.I.Y.(Paint It Yourself), where a blank paper mache figure made by us is painted or drawn on by another artist. This one done by our friend Sammy (her nickname) in Tokyo is done on one of our earlier figures. Our first paper mache figures were much more abstract as you can see.

photo by Sammy

Sammy has drawn on the figure very meticulously. Pretty amazing and definitely different from our work.

photo by Sammy

It's nice to have them worked on by other artists as you get a totally different end result than your own. Thanks Sammy!

Sammy is one half of Sorairo and they specialize in CG video production. They have worked on numerous TV commercials and music videos among other things. You can check out their blog here. (It's all Japanese though)


Thanks Brandi!

mumbreeze!, originally uploaded by paper whistle.

Just noticed this on Brandi Strickland's blog. We had sent her a P.I.Y. (Pint It Yourself) figure as we are a big fan of her work, but this is really amazing! I'm glad I asked her to do it.


In the current issue of Momentum

Just to clarify in case you didn't know what the last post was about.

In the current issue of Momentum

Momentum magazine
's new issue features a section of DIY bicycle related projects and we got a little mention in it. The photo above is pretty much all of it and there is no tutorial of how to make a paper mache bicycle or anything, but still it was nice to have a picture of our little bike figure in the public domain.

(The magazine for self-propelled people) is a magazine mostly about bicycling. Not so much about the Tour de France, but more about everyday bicycling. It may not be your cup of tea if you have no interest in bicycling, but I imagine bicycle as a means of transportation will be a lot more relevant to more people in the future, so maybe it would be good to take a look in this magazine and see what is going on in the world of everyday bicycling. You can pick up the magazine in bike shops throughout the US and Canada or you can download a PDF copy from their site.

We, Mumbreeze are of course very fond of the bicycle so much so that now we have a blog dedicated to the subject called Cycle Mumbreeze. That is definitely more focused on cycling, but come take a look if you're interested.


Bike figures at the fair

I don't know if I've mentioned here or not, but I have began a new Cycling specific blog called Cycle Mumbreeze. I already it wrote about this there, but I will be taking part in the Multnomah County Bike Fair's Bike Craft event this Saturday. I have been in mass production mode of the paper mache bike figures the last few days.

paper mache bicycles

So, these in the above picture, along with others will be there on sale.

During the day of the sale, I will be taking the bike figures off from our Etsy shop temporarily. I haven't sold these figures in public before and I don't know how well they will sell, but if you've been eyeing any particular figure, I can't guarantee they will still be available after the sale. Even if they all sell out, I will be making more but no figure are exactly the same as they are all individually hand made.

If you are in Portland, come check out the Multnomah County Bike Fair!

Col. Summers Park, SE 20th Ave and Belmont St.
2:00pm - 7:00pm

MCBF is the catastrophic culmination of 2+ weeks of Pedalpalooza bike fun.
Local bikey artisan craft bazaar care of bikeportland.org
"Biking around large vehicles" clinic by TriMet's Dan Christensen.
Affordable lights and helmets from Protect Your World.
Local food carts including bike-based Soupcycle!
Root beer garden for the kiddos.
As always, live music and crazy competitions.
Bring your friend. Bring your bike. Bring your sunscreen. Bring your camera. Bring your best game. Bring your bandages. Bring your bike fun.


The real collaboration begins

Thanks to everyone who participated in the paper mache Giveaway last week. We have a happy winner and the figure has been sent to her which she should receive within a few days.

Mumbreeze collabo drawing 6/01/09

While Kao was here in Portland, we begun doing these collaborative pencil drawings. The way we did it was we would each start a drawing on a piece of paper, then whenever one of us felt like it, we switched these 2 pieces of paper and then continued drawing with what was already there. We repeated this process until we felt like the drawings were finished.

Mumbreeze collabo drawing 5/28/09

We've never really collaborated on same pieces of art before as we have very different styles to our work. We've done a bunch of shows where we both contributed pieces, but I don't think either of us really had any vision of how we might work together on same pieces of art. We've done some casual doodling, kind of like these drawings, but nothing we took seriously. I think the idea to do these drawings came to me after we visited the APAK guys for a barbecue. We had a great time hanging out and we ended up doing some drawings together. The APAK guys do some pretty amazing collaborative artwork and I think we were a bit envious that they are able to work together like that. I didn't think that we could just instantly start making seamless work like they did, so I thought we should begin with something very basic like paper and pencil.

Mumbreeze collabo drawing 5/30/09

We did 12 drawings (2 per day) altogether while she was here and I'm quite surprised how well they seemed to turn out. The way I draw is bold and perhaps lacking in depth, but Kao is much more skilled and detailed in her drawing, so put together it seems to produce work that neither of us can make alone.

Mumbreeze collabo drawing 5/27/09

We don't really have any immediate plans for these drawings yet, but we might do some coloring by Photoshop and make prints or something. I think we will go further and experiment with different methods as soon as we get a chance.

You can see all the 12 drawings in this slide show below.


Giveaway on YellowGoat!

Hi everyone. It has been like 3 weeks since the last update, but it has been a very productive time for Mumbreeze. Kao who mostly lives in Japan was here in Portland, so we had a very good month together. It's kind of a long story to explain why we don't live together all the time as most married couples do and I'm not gonna go into that today, but that's a situation we hope to remedy soon. I hope we will find us a new home to live together before the year is over.

Today I am writing about this giveaway which is happening now at the YellowGoat blog. Petula aka YellowGoat who has a wonderful shop on Etsy has a great blog where she regularly has giveaways of work by artists. She was kind to offer us the opportunity do a giveaway of one of our artworks. It has been great starting an Etsy shop and be welcomed by other artists who have shops there, but this is the first time we are doing a giveaway. How it works is, if you want a chance to win the paper mache piece there, all you need to do is to have a look at our Etsy shop and make a comment stating which piece you like there the most. If you are on Twitter, you can tweet about the Giveaway for extra entries as well.

We are nowhere as organized as Petula is in promoting our work, but I think this Giveaway thing is really ingenious. It is easy to write about an artist and have some links foe the readers to check out, but I think it's rare that people will go to your store and have a good look at everything there. It is definitely worth giving away a piece of artwork for. It's great to read the comments and see what people are saying about our work. I can't help, but to check it out every few hours to see if there's more comments. I don't know how many comments her giveaways get normally, but it seems like it's lagging behind a bit compared to some other ones she's done. Maybe our work just isn't as attractive as the others, but if you read this and have a minute or two of free time, please go check out our shop and comment on the giveaway blog entry. You might just win the paper mache figure!

Well, this blog is just getting re-started, so I don't know how much if any effect this will have, but we are trying to get better about promoting our shop, so here it is. I hope we will be able to return the favor to YellowGoat in the future. Thanks Petula!

The Giveawy will end Sat June 13th, 12PM Hong Kong time.


blog re-start

This blog has been inactive for like two and a half years. During that time, we have been concentrating our efforts mostly towards Japan as we are both Japanese and that seemed like the thing to do at the time. However, it has become clear that our work is better received more outside Japan, so it seems only natural that we should have a blog that can be read by people outside Japan. The previous posts of this blog were more like us just playing around. I made the image and Kao who was learning English at the time wrote some text in English to go along with the image.

I'm not sure what to write to re-start this blog, so I'll just write the most recent thing that comes to mind.

paper mache

We have been doing the Mumbreeze shop at Etsy for almost half a year now. It's coming along slowly but surely. People seem very receptive to our paper mache figures. We are now trying a different coat of finish with these. Until now, we've been spraying them with a finish coat. Usually, this is enough to protect a painted surface on flat artwork, but because the figures are 3 dimensional and are handled right on the surface, just spraying a coat of finish didn't seem quite enough. With these new ones, we are painting them with acrylic varnish. It does give it a more shinier appearance, but they feel much less delicate than before, so a little rough handling or dust won't damage the painted surface.

paper mache bicycle

This is one of the bicycle figures we've been making. This is also coated with acrylic varnish though it's less obvious in this picture.

It makes me feel good that these figures are now more "archival". I've been thinking of making more variety of different figures which could be put together to make a sort of a diorama. We will be offering them at our Etsy shop as we make them, so you can collect and make your own diorama as well. If you have any suggestions for a new kind of figure, please let us know. We will do our best to try and make them.