P.I.Y. by Sammy

photo by Sammy

As you saw in the last post, we have this thing called the P.I.Y.(Paint It Yourself), where a blank paper mache figure made by us is painted or drawn on by another artist. This one done by our friend Sammy (her nickname) in Tokyo is done on one of our earlier figures. Our first paper mache figures were much more abstract as you can see.

photo by Sammy

Sammy has drawn on the figure very meticulously. Pretty amazing and definitely different from our work.

photo by Sammy

It's nice to have them worked on by other artists as you get a totally different end result than your own. Thanks Sammy!

Sammy is one half of Sorairo and they specialize in CG video production. They have worked on numerous TV commercials and music videos among other things. You can check out their blog here. (It's all Japanese though)


Thanks Brandi!

mumbreeze!, originally uploaded by paper whistle.

Just noticed this on Brandi Strickland's blog. We had sent her a P.I.Y. (Pint It Yourself) figure as we are a big fan of her work, but this is really amazing! I'm glad I asked her to do it.


In the current issue of Momentum

Just to clarify in case you didn't know what the last post was about.

In the current issue of Momentum

Momentum magazine
's new issue features a section of DIY bicycle related projects and we got a little mention in it. The photo above is pretty much all of it and there is no tutorial of how to make a paper mache bicycle or anything, but still it was nice to have a picture of our little bike figure in the public domain.

(The magazine for self-propelled people) is a magazine mostly about bicycling. Not so much about the Tour de France, but more about everyday bicycling. It may not be your cup of tea if you have no interest in bicycling, but I imagine bicycle as a means of transportation will be a lot more relevant to more people in the future, so maybe it would be good to take a look in this magazine and see what is going on in the world of everyday bicycling. You can pick up the magazine in bike shops throughout the US and Canada or you can download a PDF copy from their site.

We, Mumbreeze are of course very fond of the bicycle so much so that now we have a blog dedicated to the subject called Cycle Mumbreeze. That is definitely more focused on cycling, but come take a look if you're interested.