Imagination is created

"Imagination" and "creation" are the same intonation in Japan.
We say "SOUZOU".

My husband imagines an interesting thing from daily life. I think imagination to be creation. The creativity is very splendid! I love it!

With this blog, I am words charge. However, it is difficult.
It is very difficult to change a feeling into words. Besides, it is English.

I decided to create words.
I enjoy it seriously.
I am excited.
You please enjoy it with us, too.
If there is a question, give me comment.

Thank you!


In reality

The schedule was not carried out

However, a true wish becomes reality!



I like a dog than a cat!

My husband seems to like a cat than a dog!

My husband seems to be sometimes a cat!

I like a husband such as a cat than a dog!

I like a husband whatever it takes!

As for me, my husband is dear!


Tokyo is still the rainy season

I do not like excessive drying


I do not like excessive moisture

Moderate moisture is an ideal

It wants to be always moistened calmly


The world that I see

The world where I lived knows that there was small belief by having come to a foreign country. I see the thing which I did not see. Without being kept to anyone. If I label nothing, I can choose the thing which I want to watch. I think that I can create it more freely. Very Freely.


Get too cold

It is overdoing of air conditioner in the summer in the world yet. I get too cold in a subway and appear to do it. When a body gets cold, a stomach does "gorogoro" and is troubled. I can run into a restroom everywhere of a town in Tokyo. NY is difficult. A certain cafe is convenient in NY. That shop had it of the number of stars in Upper East Side. There is too much it. Then I want to go to a restroom when I go to bookstore. Will a mystery of a restroom be the same as a bookstore in NY?



DVD of the habits of a bird is very interesting. However, I become sleepy and cannot watch it till the last by all means when I watch it. Probably I think it to be because a song voice of a bird is comfortable. There is a bird floating using wind elegantly. There is a bird flapping the wings noisily. Though there were various methods, I thought so that it was all, and there was not waste. The DVD of the habits of a bird was very splendid. But I become sleepy.


A husband and a wheel-related

My husband yearns for the world where there is not a car. It was a few idea to me at first. I did cycling of big under a tree with two people today. It was the time when it was very comfortable. By the way, TOUR DE FRANCE of this year seems to be unexpected development.


A recent feeling

As for our being always shocked, eyes are always nailed to an animal, a plant, a nephew child (2 years old), rain, chocolate, a glitter and a shining thing.

Way of life that I do not think about is comfortable in nature.

At first

It began at last. mumbreeze blog is a dreamlike pleasant image and the story that I call NY Japan, and come. I am dreamy, but this is true. It was good! mumbleboy of a husband and kao of a wife may be sometimes connected to you from now on. I am a pleasure very.