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Hi everyone. It has been like 3 weeks since the last update, but it has been a very productive time for Mumbreeze. Kao who mostly lives in Japan was here in Portland, so we had a very good month together. It's kind of a long story to explain why we don't live together all the time as most married couples do and I'm not gonna go into that today, but that's a situation we hope to remedy soon. I hope we will find us a new home to live together before the year is over.

Today I am writing about this giveaway which is happening now at the YellowGoat blog. Petula aka YellowGoat who has a wonderful shop on Etsy has a great blog where she regularly has giveaways of work by artists. She was kind to offer us the opportunity do a giveaway of one of our artworks. It has been great starting an Etsy shop and be welcomed by other artists who have shops there, but this is the first time we are doing a giveaway. How it works is, if you want a chance to win the paper mache piece there, all you need to do is to have a look at our Etsy shop and make a comment stating which piece you like there the most. If you are on Twitter, you can tweet about the Giveaway for extra entries as well.

We are nowhere as organized as Petula is in promoting our work, but I think this Giveaway thing is really ingenious. It is easy to write about an artist and have some links foe the readers to check out, but I think it's rare that people will go to your store and have a good look at everything there. It is definitely worth giving away a piece of artwork for. It's great to read the comments and see what people are saying about our work. I can't help, but to check it out every few hours to see if there's more comments. I don't know how many comments her giveaways get normally, but it seems like it's lagging behind a bit compared to some other ones she's done. Maybe our work just isn't as attractive as the others, but if you read this and have a minute or two of free time, please go check out our shop and comment on the giveaway blog entry. You might just win the paper mache figure!

Well, this blog is just getting re-started, so I don't know how much if any effect this will have, but we are trying to get better about promoting our shop, so here it is. I hope we will be able to return the favor to YellowGoat in the future. Thanks Petula!

The Giveawy will end Sat June 13th, 12PM Hong Kong time.

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Yellowgoat said...

I am surprise by the comment counts too. I am promoting it on twitter regularly, hopefully will push it up a bit.